Where to Stay at Mount Bromo

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You could find various guesthouses and basic hotels located around Where to Stay at Mount Bromo, as that location is popular for tourists. Attempt to remain nearby so that you could do the morning hike up to grab the sunrise easily. A lot of guesthouses or hotels are situated at the crater rim. Take note that all the costs here whether hotels or guesthouses or homestays will be higher than your customary Indonesian ones as it’s a popular tourist area.

Cemara Indah
I stayed here myself, it was a complete pleasant stay with an immediate view of Mount Bromo. Most important of all is the fact that it’s located right behind the road to start trekking up for the sunrise. Recommended for them who want to do their hike for sunrise independently themselves. After which return straight down for the breakfast supplied before trekking onwards to the crater rim. Budget to mid-range with costs starting at 50 USD.

Jiwa Jawa Bromo
Among the popular hotels at Mount Bromo, with a beautiful garden for sitting outside and enjoying the panoramic mountain views. The surroundings of the area are well loved by guests and to top it off, they’ve really very good coffee! Luxury with costs starting at 120 USD.
In case you’re coming from Surabaya, you’re probably to go via Probolinggo. There are also some options to remain  in this town and take a day trip up to Mount Bromo, like the good for value Clover Homestay.
If you would like to access Mount Bromo via 4WD driveway, then it’s suggested to remain in Malang, where you may enjoy the distinctive and luxurious Tugu Hotel . I stayed at the midsize Resort Santika Premier  here with good experience.

What and where to eat
Every lodge, guesthouse or hotel typically serves meals as well for travelers. There are also couple independent eateries around to pick out of this type of as Bromo Corner Café and Waroeng Basuki, or you may just head on to simple roadside warungs and enjoy basic local Indonesian food. You should also test out the hot Javanese coffee (kopi panas). All restaurants will start by 3’m as that is when many men and women start to wake for the hike to capture the sunrise.

The way to get around
If you’re able, then walking or trekking would be the ideal way to experience Mount Bromo however you might take ponies or horses throughout the sea of sand to the bottom of the steep stairs which leads to the crater.

Where to go nearby
Ijen crater — 6 hours drive away. Beautiful turquoise sulfur lake which exudes flames, gloomy fire during the evening and smoky white in the day.