Society Life of Jakarta

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Society Life of Jakarta is officially classified as a special metropolitan district (daerah khusus ibukota). The town is hence in the administrative level of a Indonesian province, and its mayor has the same status as the governor of a state. Greater Jakarta itself is split into five administrative municipalities. The mayor is accountable for supervising the administration of local government and for coordinating the local offices of national government ministries.
The town government is made up of two branches, the executive and the electorate. The executive consists of a governor assisted by four vice governors, an executive personnel, and also a regional secretary; however, there are also a number of town directorates, bureaus, and agencies attached to the executive. The electorate consists of members drawn from political parties, the armed forces, and so-called functional groups. It’s headed by a council of five members, one chairman, and 4 vice chairmen.

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Municipal services
Public utilities are operated or owned by the Indonesian government. The State Electricity Company and the subsidiary State Gas Company both furnish Jakarta. Cable and cable services and phone services are supplied by state companies working under the aegis of the Department of Communications. Jakarta’s energy comes from several sources; these comprise the thermal plant in Ancol, close to the port of Tanjung Priok, smaller diesel plants in a variety of portions of the town, and the Jatiluhur hydroelectricity project situated close to Purwakarta, about 70 miles (110 km) southeast of Jakarta. A thermal power plant operates in Surabaya.
The town government is accountable for the water source. The town water has been obtained in part from freshwater springs in the Bogor region, but vast majority of the source comes from the Pejompongan water treatment plant. Water is required mainly for domestic purposes but is necessary for business and to furnish ships. The elimination of trash and the provision of other sanitation services are the responsibility of the municipality.

To meet the requirements for primary education, many brand new primary schools and secondary schools have been assembled, and a number of school buildings have been renovated. There’s a well-developed system of kindergartens, primary schools, madrasahs (religious schools), secondary schools, and large schools. There are also numerous professional and special schools and over a hundred universities, academies, and institutes for higher learning. The largest and best-known university is the University of Indonesia (based 1950).

Cultural Life
Among other cultural activities, the Taman Ismail Marzuki centre has facilities including traditional and classical art performances as well as theatres for presenting contemporary plays and concerts; the centre also has a planetarium. Traditional performances include wayang dancing and play, gamelan music, and wayang kulit shadow-play puppet shows. Traditional performances representing the culture of other portions of Indonesia are included in the applications presented at the yearly Jakarta Fair.